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memoir writing, memoir, memoir writing online videos[Essential] Women’s Memoir Writing Workshop — 21 Online Video Lessons

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The popular [Essential] Women’s Memoir Writing Workshop is now available as 21 ONLINE VIDEO lessons — access immediately on your computer.

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Take our women’s memoir class in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Go back and replay a section as often as you like. We’ve been doing our memoir writing workshops for five years. We get such positive feedback that we know how helpful they are. The only drawback is that you have to be local to take them.

No longer. We invite you to join one of our classes from the comfort of your own home. How? We video recorded one of the classes and combined that material with the extensive PowerPoint slides we use. We then integrated the two, added new writing exercises and created 21 separate lessons. ALL THE LESSONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS ONLINE VIDEOS. Download of our extensive workbook (PDF) is included.

In this series of 21 ONLINE WRITING VIDEOS, you’ll accomplish the first five steps of memoir writing:

  • Theme
  • Message
  • Scope
  • Focus
  • Style
  • Plus much, much more

  • By the end of the 21 video lessons, you’ll have the initial plan for your memoir. You’ll know about non-fiction writing techniques used by the pros. You’ll see how to integrate dialogue and the five senses into your writing. You’ll learn how family photographs bring back not only memories but details about those memories. By the time you complete the 21 online writing videos, you’ll have a clear guide to the next steps. We’ve even added five steps to memoir writing success in the final lesson to help you continue to move forward.

    You can get started now. Click on the red button below and place your order. NO SHIPPING, MEDIA, OR HANDLING CHARGES. We’ll send your password to your email box, and you can begin writing your memoir TODAY.

    Price: *** New Lower Price for 21 online video lessons

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    ALL NEW VIDEO SERIES. We have introduced our new online video seriesMARKET. PUBLISH. WRITE. The nine videos cover more than 10 hours of materials, coaching, instruction, and step-by-step guides. We have put together videos that guide you not just through the writing process, but also the publishing and marketing steps. We invite you to check them out. They are available through our store called WomensMemoirWriting.



    …I am totally LOVING your voice…this video training is wonderful!!!— R.R.B.

    You are an excellent teacher and presenter. I never thought I would be motivated to write my memoir in only two video lessons! I’ve wanted to write for several years, but could never get started until now. — W.B.

    Your video course inspired me to start writing the story of my life. — M.D.

    Personally, I love this writing workshop DVD because the presenter is experienced and beginner friendly. She makes you feel as if you are part of the workshop she is teaching in her home. The workshop is refreshing, while full of valuable information for beginners or experts alike. Honestly, I cannot wait to see the upcoming products in this writing workshop series.— C.K.

    Some time ago I purchased your memoir writing workshop DVDs. I live in Southern California and have taught life story writing for 14 years at a community college in Orange County. I believe I own nearly every book written on the subject, as well as several shelves full of memoirs. I’m always trying to teach myself something new and, like you, I believe that the best education comes from reading other memoirs. My classes focus on the quality of writing—not just getting something down on paper, but really making it interesting. … My husband and I co-authored a book published by Signature Books in 2007 that essentially covers the writing techniques I stress in my classes. The book is titled Breathe Life into Your Life Story: How to Write a Story People Will WANT to Read.

    I’ve given you this background as a context for sharing with you how much I admire what you’ve done with these DVDs. I didn’t know what to expect when I bought them, and I was worried that I may have spent a great deal of money needlessly. To be honest, I was primarily interested in how one would put together a memoir workshop on a DVD since I’m often asked if I would do something similar. You gave me far more than I expected—which is high praise from someone who feels like she’s read everything there is on the subject. I found myself repeatedly taking notes and thinking you had captured familiar topics in novel and interesting ways. You truly take the student from concept to publication. As I got toward the end of your DVDs, I began to feel overwhelmed at the magnitude of what you’ve done. I can’t imagine the hours you put into that project—planning, rehearsing, designing, taping, creating a workbook, etc., etc. …

    Just wanted you to know that I’m a fan, and I appreciate learning from you through your creative and inspiring videos. By the way, I very much appreciated Kendra’s timely and helpful insights about Internet marketing—one of my weaknesses. — Dawn T.


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