New Contest: “Name that Memoir”, Deadline September 19

by Matilda Butler on August 13, 2016

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Fun, Fun, Fun Contest. Choose Your Prize. Rules Below.

Dear Pamela, your best memoir advice columnist, just told me about a fabulous contest that she is offering YOU and I’m eager to share the news.

The prize to the winner is a $75 Amazon gift card OR two hours of free coaching from Pamela Jane (worth $150). But more about that in a minute.

Pamela’s memoir, as you probably know, is An Incredible Talent for Existing and has been garnering rave reviews. Here are a few:

“…Jane takes us masterfully through her story of a lifelong writer struggling to emerge.” —Deborah Heiligman, author, Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith, a National Book Award Finalist

“…a fine, five-star read!” – Story Circle Reviews

“…incisive, funny, and touchingly candid…” —Howard Rheingold, author, The Virtual Community and Net Smart

The Contest: New Memoir Subtitle

Meanwhile, Pamela needs your help. That’s why she is holding this contest. She needs a new subtitle for her memoir. It is currently:

A Writer’s Story

Pamela thinks there can be a stronger subtitle…one that will draw in more readers.

I must admit that I always liked the subtitle. After all, I’m a writer and therefore interested in reading about another person who has pursued her writing dreams. But we have to be honest. Writers are just not the largest group — and certainly not the largest group who would be interested in this memoir. So when Pamela told me about this search for a new subtitle, I could suddenly see her point.

How much fun is that! You just might be the person to name Pamela’s book (well, the subtitle anyway).

Simple Rules

1. Purchase a copy of Pamela’s memoir (it’s on sale right now, so I suggest you hurry).
2. Receive a FREE copy of the award-winning anthology Tales of Our Lives.
3. Think of a fabulous new subtitle for Pamela’s memoir.
4. Tell us your subtitle.

Pamela will review all entries and choose the winner.

5. Winner receives $50 Amazon gift certificate OR two-hours of coaching (value $150).

Detailed Contest Rules AND a FREE Bonus eBook

#1. Purchase Pamela’s memoir. Be sure to purchase right away as Amazon has put a fantastic sale price on her print book. Her publisher doesn’t have any control over this, so be sure to grab a copy today while this low price is available. (You can read either the print copy or the Kindle ebook version. Either purchase allows you to enter the contest.)

#2. As soon as Amazon sends you an email receipt for your purchase of An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story, forward it to me:

Be sure to use a Subject Line of: FREE TALES OF OUR LIVES

I’ll send you a FREE copy of:

TALES OF OUR LIVES – Reflection Pond: Award-Winning Stories from


TALES OF OUR LIVES – Fork in the Road: Award-Winning Stories from

These are two award-winning anthologies from WomensMemoirs (both ebooks) that were published earlier this year. You can choose which volume you would like to receive. Each volume is $3.99 and you will receive a gift certificate for the ebook at no cost.

This is a great buy-one (Pamela’s memoir) and get-one free (Tales of Our Lives).

#3. After you have read Pamela’s memoir, send me your very best idea for a new subtitle. If you have more than one idea, that’s fine. Send several but let me know how you rank order them. Send your suggestion(s) to: Be sure to put: MEMOIR SUBTITLE in the Subject Line so that it won’t get buried in my inbox. Or, you can put your subtitle in the comment section below.

#4. Deadline for Your New Subtitle. Be sure to send me your suggestion for a new subtitle by September 19. The contest closes at midnight on that date. No free copies of Tales of Our Lives will be awarded after that September 19, 2016.

#5. Pamela will announce the winner of the contest on this website. If you are the winner, you get to choose between a $75 Amazon gift card or two hours of free coaching from Pamela Jane (worth $150).

By the way, Pamela is also doing a new book cover.

NOTE: Currently An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story in paperback is on sale and the Kindle version is also on sale. But these low prices cannot be guaranteed as Amazon has the right to change them at any point. SO HURRY.

PS Not Sure It’s Worth It to Enter this Contest?

You may be wondering if it is worth it to enter this contest. Let me assure you that it is.

Yes, you need to read Pamela’s memoir to enter. I’ve read it and can tell you it is a fantastic read of an earlier time and its impact on a woman struggling to achieve her dream. The memoir is on sale and you will never have another chance to get it at such a great price. In reading Pamela’s memoir, you can reflect on your own writing and just may begin to think about your past in a new way.

And, you get a free copy of one of the award-winning Tales of Our Lives anthologies!

So I hope you will participate in this contest and wish you the best in winning the NAME THAT MEMOIR contest.

Dear Pamela

Hi Everyone.

Pamela here. I want to thank Matilda for sharing news about my contest with you. I’m really excited to see your ideas!

I’m working with a marketing consultant who says my current book jacket  “has to go.” Since I’m doing a new website to tie in my children’s books and my new memoir I thought maybe I should think about a new subtitle too, so I decided to ask help from our very creative memoir community.  I can hardly wait to see your creativity and memoir smarts! I just know that one of you will have the perfect suggestion.

Thanking you in advance (and Matilda too for contributing copies of Tales of Our Lives).

And don’t forget to check my next Dear Pamela post for tips on writing a dynamite memoir proposal!


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