On our Internet Marketing Coaching

“This consulting session has probably saved me six months of learning by trial and error. Unlike other consultants I’ve worked with in the past, you focused on my specific situation and questions and gave me practical ideas and information that exactly fit my needs. I would recommend your service to anyone.” – N. Strauss, Director, William Victor SL

On our memoir writing videos

“Thank you for another wonderful learning video! Your videos provide “just in time” learning for those of us who have little time to refine our craft and write at the same time. I’m so grateful to you and Matilda, thank you very much!” -Katrina Masterson

On online memoir writing courses:

“I have been teaching writing for twenty-four years, have taken Writer’s Digest workshops, have attended DFW Writer’s and SCBWI Conventions, have written two novels and read countless books on writing by such authors as Margaret Atwood and Noah Luke. My point is, Matilda and Kendra have taught me things about imagery and voice I never knew and that I am excited to apply to my writing right away. These ladies are encouraging, intelligent, and must themselves be tremendously excellent writers. I would take any workshop they offered and am motivated to read their published work. Thank you for giving me real tools to assist me in building my memoir into a stronger more marketable piece of work.” —Amanda G., McKinney TX

These classes were the best among the classes so far I had attended. I learned a lot and teaching was concise and informative. —Jamuna A., San Ramon CA

This was my first online class, so I didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed it and found it helpful for future writing. —Mary P., Lafayette IN

It was informative. Both Matilda and Kendra were very helpful, friendly. I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. —Jamuna A., San Ramon CA

This was my first online writing course—it exceeded my expectations. I was concerned that feedback from instructors would be vague or so encouraging as to miss the point of critical commentary. That was not the case. Matilda and Kendra were respectful of our various skill levels, balancing positive reinforcement with saying the “hard stuff” we needed to hear so that we could improve upon a sentence, paragraph, or concept. —Judith G., Somersworth NH

Matilda and Kendra are both attentive and insightful teachers, readers and listeners. The class was well organized, fun and inspiring. —Tracy W., Ardmore PA

Matilda and Kendra are professionals in every sense of the word. I enjoyed “Start Small, finish Big” tremendously. Most importantly, I I have grown as a writer and have a greater command of the memoir genre. —Michelle S., Park City UT

Kendra and Matilda made this class fun, as well as stimulating. I felt stretched as I learned more about my own writing techniques. I had never written dialogue until I took this class. Now I find that my writing of dialogue flows easier than descriptive writing with no dialogue. Great class; well organized. Matilda and Kendra make a great team to work with. —Judy W., Spring Branch TX

On writing coaching:

“Writing is what I do now (when I’m not taking care of the B & B, my guests, animals, garden, etc.). Your feedback and advice will make it more enjoyable and hopefully – more lucrative (although that’s not why I do it.).” -Marcia B.

On memoir writing DVD product:

Some time ago I purchased your memoir writing workshop DVDs. I live in Southern California and have taught life story writing for 14 years at a community college in Orange County. I believe I own nearly every book written on the subject, as well as several shelves full of memoirs. I’m always trying to teach myself something new and, like you, I believe that the best education comes from reading other memoirs. My classes focus on the quality of writing—not just getting something down on paper, but really making it interesting. … My husband and I co-authored a book published by Signature Books in 2007 that essentially covers the writing techniques I stress in my classes. The book is titled Breathe Life into Your Life Story: How to Write a Story People Will WANT to Read.

I’ve given you this background as a context for sharing with you how much I admire what you’ve done with these DVDs. I didn’t know what to expect when I bought them, and I was worried that I may have spent a great deal of money needlessly. To be honest, I was primarily interested in how one would put together a memoir workshop on a DVD since I’m often asked if I would do something similar. You gave me far more than I expected—which is high praise from someone who feels like she’s read everything there is on the subject. I found myself repeatedly taking notes and thinking you had captured familiar topics in novel and interesting ways. You truly take the student from concept to publication. As I got toward the end of your DVDs, I began to feel overwhelmed at the magnitude of what you’ve done. I can’t imagine the hours you put into that project—planning, rehearsing, designing, taping, creating a workbook, etc., etc. …

Just wanted you to know that I’m a fan, and I appreciate learning from you through your creative and inspiring DVDs. By the way, I very much appreciated Kendra’s timely and helpful insights about Internet marketing—one of my weaknesses. — Dawn T.

On women’s memoir writing workshops:

“Marie and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for being one of this year’s speed coaches [for a session on blogging for writers]. We hope you enjoyed it and heard all the positive comments that we did. One of the coachees–Jane Lehmann-Shafron–raved about her time with you and even brought it up again on the shuttle back to the airport. She said it was one of the most valuable things she did at the conference.”

“There are many special aspects of your whole approach to memoir writing that I am so grateful for. Your lovely setting on the hill, your expertise, charm, and warm hospitality, your scrumptious treats and rosebud tea–I think we all felt that the muses were indeed with us whenever we gathered with you–and they stirred us, again with your assistance and the help of one another, into this sometimes scary but also exhilarating business of exploring our lives and familial ties for the stories we’ve long wanted to tell. Thank you for that most precious of gifts.” -Claudia S.

“Your workshop was very inspirational, and I feel fortunate to have ‘stumbled upon’ such a treasure. I enjoyed sharing the time with all the participants and look forward to our next workshop.” Jodi A.

“The day, the ambiance, the material, the sure guidance you gave us was inspirational. I acted immediately on your suggestion and now have written a more concise and clear theme than before.” -Marilyn W.

“I started my memoir about two years ago and got hung up –after your class I feel I can continue writing.” -Ellen E.

“Your Women’s Memoir Workshop is very motivating and exceeded my expectations.” -Joan E.

“The workshop left me excited and thrilled. You offered a foundation, wonderful ideas, a starting point. I was most impressed by your style.” -Elizabeth B.

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely. I feel confident now that I can write my memoir. Your clearly defined planning and execution steps will guide me in the coming months.” -Jackie F.

“I loved the step-by-step approach. Your material was well organized and presented with much more detail than I had expected.” -Barbara L.

“Fantastic — nice blend of content, practice, and interaction. You helped us create a great feeling of support for one another in the class.” -Dolores E.

“A great workshop — very skillfully and helpfully presented with great material.” -Connie D.

“Thanks. You helped me get my thoughts organized. Because of your writing exercises, I found myself reflecting on my life during the week between our classes.” -Sandra K.

“An excellent class — very helpful information, presented well.” -Shirley J.

“Beautifully presented, perfectly organized. The workshop was a fabulous experience.” -Kris M.

On Women’s Memoirs Website:

“Thanks for all your hard work; I am definitely addicted to visiting your site day after day. – Rhonda. E.

On Rosie’s Daughters:

“I used to see memoirs as mostly narcissistic exercises in self-absorption, by nature designed to bore everyone by their authors. Rosie’s Daughters finally and completely dispelled that view.” -Alexander Leon, vice president and board member of the South Bay Writers Club

“Diving into the memoir, Rosie’s Daughters, was like reading a fun history book where I recognized five generations of my own family. I love the unique format of this book. If I were studying history, I could cram for the test just by riding the ‘fast track’ timeline that runs across the bottom of each page….Rosie’s Daughters should be required reading for women’s studies courses.” -Betty Auchard, speaker and award-winning memoir author of Dancing in My Nightgown

“Rosie’s Daughters is the story of a relatively unsung generation of women, a generation that has powerfully shaped our lives today….The book is a unique combination of personal stories, research, history, art and the author’s own reflections, engagingly written and beautifully presented. This is social history without the turgid prose, a compilation of interviews without the annoying interruption of flow–even a motivational book without the saccharine–in the appealing voice of a perceptive author….Indeed, Rosie’s Daughters offers to all a prototype of how to present a rich feast of important information in an appealing, accessible way.” -Geneva Overholser, Curtis B. Hurley Chair in Public Affairs Reporting, University of MO, and past editor, Des Moines Register

“Rosie’s Daughters is the first collective memoir of an entire generation of women–and what a generation it is. Women born between 1940-1945 (my generation!) danced to Elvis, went to college, burned our bras, married and had babies (or sometimes just had babies), climbed career ladders, and fought gender discrimination. Rosie’s Daughters helps us understand the social contexts within which our stories have taken place. It is impressively conceived and vividly told.” -Susan Wittig Albert, best-sell author of the China Bayles mystery series and founder of the Story Circle Network

“Five Stars for Rosie’s Daughters…Butler and Bonnett skillfully weave personal stories, history, and psychological knowledge and insight into this collective memoir of women born during World War II. Their premise is that, yes, individuals are shaped by the times in which they live, but females are additionally shaped by the females who preceded them….Replete with photos, a running timeline, and sidebars by other famous Rosie’s daughters, this book is engaging, readable, and insightful. It provides numerous ‘aha’ moments about life and living. This is an important book. I give it two thumbs up and five stars!” -Patricia Roberts

“The book was absolutely wonderful! I read about myself in so many of the stories, not just my own. I cried over times gone buy, opportunities gone by, and with joy that my life experiences have given me wisdom with so many. My intention is to go back and read it again, highlighting some of the points that will help others and studying some of the suggested life lessons.” -JLA

“…a masterful job of weaving many voices into a text that is easy to read and filled with ‘Aha!’ moments. Rosie’s Daughters is a stunning contribution to the history of the ‘movement’ in America. I take it as a given that Rosie’s Daughters will be a textbook in every Women’s Studies course across the country, but it deserves a wide readership among the general public as well.” -Beth Proudfoot, director of the East of Eden Writers Conference

“Rosie’s Daughters is a testament to the old, a recording of adventures experienced and lessons provided by a unique generation of women. There is much to learn. There is even more to enjoy.” -Walter Bortz, MD, author of bestsellingDare to Be 100 and past-president of American Geriatrics Society

“The presentation of Rosie’s Daughters adds to the book’s importance. It is not linear; rather, it is elliptical, with each page turning into a new two-page spread, including historical information in the center, statements from interviews at the top, comments from famous women in the age group along the sidebars, and a running commentary of the times along the bottom of each page. You are in the middle of this multi-source of information and stimulation. You are part of the action.”-Edith Henderson Grotberg, Ph.D., author of Tapping Your Inner Strength and co-author of Creative Anger, and lecturer at George Washington University

“Reading Rosie’s Daughters makes me proud of the women who have gone before us….Matilda Butler encourages us to consider our worth and spend it wisely as powerful and empowered women.” -Martha Alderson, author of Blockbuster Plots Pure and Simple

“Ever heard of the FW2 generation? I hadn’t heard this phrase, until I readRosie’s Daughters: The ‘First Woman To’ Generation Tells Its Stories. What a good book this is!…This is an inspirational read that reminds us again that it’s not only the famous who make history; it’s not only the rich and powerful who can change the world. -Kim Pearson, author of Making History: Writing Your Own Story who also writes a Seattle P-I Reader Blog.

“Psychologist Matilda Butler interviewed over a hundred women from all over the country and, along with Kendra Bonnett, put her research into a collective memoir, placing personal stories within a cultural context.” -Karen Ryan, Story Circle Network Book Reviews

On helping authors market their books:

Please accept my gratitude for the wonderful opportunity to appear as a guest blogger, and live guest also, on www.WomensMemoirs.com It was a privilege, and a very great pleasure indeed. Your site is so important to women who are writing and publishing their personal stories. If there is anything I can do to support the site, and your work, do not hesitate to ask. — Heather Summerhayes Cariou, author of SixtyFive Roses

If you missed our interview with Heather Summerhayes Cariou, CLICK HERE to listen and CLICK HERE to read her guest blog and memoir writing prompt.

I’ve received excellent feedback from people who listened to the interview we did. Truth is, good answers can only be inspired by excellent questions. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this book.Hope Edelman, author of The Possibility of Everything

CLICK HERE for Hope Edelman’s interview and CLICK HERE for her guest blog and memoir writing prompt.

I was so impressed by your interview and format, and learned a lot from the experience. — Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, author of Bending Toward the Sun

To listen to our interview with Leslie, CLICK HERE and to read her guest blog and memoir writing prompt CLICK HERE.

I’ve done many long interviews, but few sustain interest – your questions were great, and I had fun.Nancy Bachrach, author of The Center of the Universe

If you’d like to hear our interview with Nancy, CLICK HERE. You can read her guest blog and memoir writing prompt HERE.

I had a wonderful time being interviewed by you, and am delighted that your readers asked such great questions. — Sue William Silverman, author of Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You and Love Sick as well as her new book on memoir writing Fearless Confessions

If you would like to read Sue’s guest blog and memoir writing prompt, CLICK HERE.

On business and marketing:

“… you worked on our Twitter account. …thanks so much! I was so surprised when I checked earlier. You are a genius! – Jan Jaso of The Green Three

Superior Partner AwardCongratulations on being the first-ever recipient of Harris Publishing’s Superior Partner Award. This award recognizes 10 years of distinguished performance as a vitally important partner in pioneering the development of our product line.” -B. Harris, Harris Publishing

“Matilda and Kendra. You two are the most energetic and effective ‘connectors’ I have met in a quarter-century of full-time work in the book business!”Susan Wittig Albert, bestselling author of the China Bayles series, The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, the Robin Paige Victorian Mysteries series, and her recently released memoir – Together Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place

“Thanks to the Internet strategy and techniques you developed for us, our Website (and therefore our products) are now coming up in the number two spot on Google’s first page. What an improvement over where we started, when we didn’t even come up in the first 10 pages! Thanks.” -Peter Fertiguena, aP

“With your assistance and perseverance, we have a well-designed and well-selling information product. We couldn’t have done it without you.” -J.J. Card, Sociometrics

“You created a pioneering product for us, bringing together information from numerous datasets, dozens of books, and hundreds of government reports. For the first time, researchers, criminologists, law enforcement professionals, and publish health researchers will have instant access to statistics, survey data, and research reports that simply have never been available before in any one place.” -Dr. Clark Abt, Abt Books, Inc.

“In the past decade veterinary medicine has witnessed a virtual information explosion; the traditional printed form of communication has become seriously overburdened. Thanks for taking us into the age of digital information.” – Asa Mays, Merck

“You are a great business partner, guiding us every step of the way. You always knew how to make the path smooth for us.” -Lillian Castillo-Speed, Chicano Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley

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