11 Ways to Help Women’s Memoirs in 2011

by Matilda Butler on January 11, 2011

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of 11 in 2011. This is the eleventh list. If you have missed any of the previous 10, here are the links:

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A Special Thanks from Women’s Memoirs

Kendra and I want to thank you again for making 2010 an incredible year for Women’s Memoirs. We look forward to bringing you new memoir ideas, tips, and practices in 2011. Actually, in this year, Kendra and I want to reach many more women with tips and ideas to help them write their memoirs and want to be more interactive with our readers.

To reach our goals, we need your help. Therefore, we’ve put together this last 11 in 2011 list that is purely selfish and we hope you’ll indulge us. Following are 11 ways you can help spread the word about memoir writing in 2011 and make our website even more useful.

If you only do one of these 11, we’ll be grateful. If you can do more than one, we’ll be delighted. And if you could do one a month, we’ll jump for joy.

Be sure to let us know what help you’re providing and we’ll email you our thanks.

Have ideas of your own of how we can reach more women? Leave your comments below and we’ll add them to our list.

memoir-writing, memoir blog, memoir11 Ways You Can Help Women’s Memoirs in 2011

Memoir Help #1: Leave a comment on a blog post. How about leaving 11 comments? That’s just one per month with a month off for good behavior. Perhaps you’ll choose one day of the month and regularly leave a comment based on the particular post that day. Maybe you want to follow one of our regular features such as Writing Prompts on Tuesdays or Book/Video Reviews on Wednesdays, etc. and always leave your comment with an item in that category.

Memoir Help #2: Tell a friend about http://womensmemoirs.com This one is especially helpful. Do you have a writing group you belong to? Do you have friends who write? Maybe you even have a few friends that you’d like to encourage to write about their lives. Open your Contact list, click on the relevant names, and send an email suggesting they might want to check out http://womensmemoirs.com

memoir-writing, memoirs, journalingMemoir Help #3: Better yet, send a friend (or friends) an email telling her that if she signs up for our blogcast (middle column of our website), we’ll deliver a digest of our blogs to her email once a week. That’s an easy way to find out what we’ve been talking about all week.

And still better yet, tell her about Women’s Memoirs’ three free ebooks. She can download any or all of them (a $20.19 value) by going to: http://womensmemoirs.com/free-ebooks And, by the way, if you haven’t downloaded these ebooks, we invite you to get them now. They are:

Top 10 Reasons to Write Your Memoir,

Writing in Five: Prompts to Get You Moving,

Journaling Essentials: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Keep a Journal

[NOTE: This last one, Journaling Essentials, will only be free for a limited time.] Be sure to get all three while they are available free.

Memoir Help #4: Do you have a website or blog? We’d love to be listed as one of your favorite links. Or if you like one of our posts, we welcome you putting a link to it on your website. Would you like a guest blog from us? Contact us.

memoir-writing, memoir book review, craft of memoir writing, autobiographyMemoir Help #5: Volunteer to write a memoir book review. Just ask us first to make sure the book isn’t already being reviewed. Good news. Story Circle Network Book Reviews has invited us to republish some of our reviews on their wonderful site. If your review is chosen, then you will be published on two websites.

Memoir Help #6: Share your favorite writing prompt. Send it to us and we’ll publish it, giving you credit. Writing prompts provide that little source of inspiration, that little nugget of an idea to get your mind and your fingers moving on telling a small story. Once you are writing, compliments of a prompt, it is easier to just keep writing your memoir and making progress on telling your life story.

memoir writing tips, memoir writing, autobiography tips, journaling

Memoir Help #7:
Watch our writing videos on our two YouTube channels. We regularly add new videos designed to provide writing tips. We try to keep them to five minutes or less — just enough to give you a nugget of advice that will enhance you writing. Here are the links to our two channels: http://YouTube.com/WomensMemoirs and http://YouTube.com/WritingAlchemy We regularly add videos so be sure to go back every few months.

Memoir Help #8: Tell your writer friends about our videos. Help them go viral. (Well, okay, that’s too big of a goal for this year. But we would love to share them with more women.)

Memoir Help #9: If writing has been healing for you, let us know. We’re starting a new series of blog posts on writing and healing. Tell us your story and we’ll share it — either with credit or anonymously. The decision is yours.

memoir writing, Rosie the RiveterMemoir Help #10: Is/was there a Rosie the Riveter in your family? A woman who worked during World War II? Send us her story along with a photo and we’ll publish it in our Rosie’s Daughters category on Women’s Memoirs.

Memoir Help #11: If you like any of the books that we review, we hope you’ll consider ordering through Amazon using the link provided in the book review post. This costs you nothing extra and provides a small monetary benefit to us. Even if you decide to not buy the book we have featured and purchase something else, we’ll still get the credit as long as you got to Amazon via any of our book links.

Thanks for considering these 11 ways to help Women’s Memoirs create an even larger community of women memoir writers.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when Kendra has a special 12th 11 in 2011. It’s meant as pure fun.

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