A Call for Writers: Large Online Magazine Offers You Publishing, Publicity and Platform Building Opportunities

by Kendra Bonnett on October 10, 2010

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DivorcedWomenOnlineI first met Delaine Moore about two-and-a-half years ago when she emailed me about a memoir she had just written. We started corresponding and talking by phone about her book and what it was going to take to get it published.

As I usually do when talking to a first-time author, I encouraged her to break out of the traditional thinking of turning over her manuscript to an agent and sitting back and waiting for the contract, advance and subsequent royalties to come rolling in.

Delaine had written a raucous and often funny memoir of her discovery of her husband’s infidelities, their separation and divorce (in progress at that time) and her reawakening as a single woman with three small children. I once described her memoir as “Little Annie Fannie meets Alice in Wonderland all rolled up in a morality play.”

While Delaine did hope for her then-agent to work miracles in a bad market, she also started social networking. She developed a blogsite, called IamDivorcedNotDead.com and she started blogging several times a week. She built a following and was quickly noticed by other people writing and blogging in the field of divorce.

Her book had yet to find a publisher, but Delaine was off and running online. In short, she was building a platform–and a reputation–for herself in the area of divorce.

The Online Magazine for Women Coping with Divorce

I continued to follow her progress with IamDivorcedNotDead.com. Mostly, I kept waiting to see when her book would be picked up. What I missed was the development of DivorcedWomenOnline.com, her online magazine for “women of all ages (20s-60s) who are contemplating, moving through or beyond divorce.” And believe me when I say this site is on fire. DivorcedWomenOnline.com (DWO) receives between 25,000 and 30,000 page views each month. Now that’s what I call a platform. And, apparently, so do publishers. Seal Press has scheduled her memoir for a Spring 2011 release.

The core team at DWO is qualified both in terms of their personal and professional experience to write about divorce and help women with the transition to their new lives. The Monday postings from “Ask the Divorce Coach” are popular because, as Delaine explains, “Monday we usually have to deal with the weekend shenanigans and problems thrown up by someone’s ex.” Throughout the week, readers can count on DWO for health, legal, money, career and sex advice.

But Delaine and her team are looking to keep up with the site’s growth and the needs (and wants) of their audience. She wants to be the resource women turn to for their questions about picking up the pieces and moving on, for building a blended family that works, for fashion and healthy living tips, and so much more. Matilda and I have already offered our services for a once-a-month column on using writing and journaling as part of the healing process and on what it takes to get published.

Heed the Call for Writers

DWO needs your content. They need a wide range of stories, tips and advice to keep up with demand. If you’ve wanted to find an outlet for your writing that will build exposure among women readers, this may be your opportunity.

If you’re currently working on a memoir or at the stage where you’re looking for an agent or publisher, DWO may be able to help you build your platform and increase the following for your work, which is exactly the sort of marketing publishers want to see from an enterprising author.

Here’s some of what Delaine says they need:

  • Personal stories about obstacles you overcame or lessons you learned as you navigated the divorce process, single parenting, blending families, or an abusive marriage.
  • Articles pertaining to fashion, health, relationships, dating and sex, style, food/drinks, or celebrities (all should be written with a slant toward divorce).
  • Articles that are colorful, witty, engaging, moving, inspiring or expertly researched.

And of course, this goes without saying. If you are interested in writing for DWO, you should visit the site and browse the headers and archives to see what kind of stories they’ve published in the past.

What’s In It For You?

That’s a fair question, and Delaine has a list of benefits. But first, let me suggest that any opportunity is only as good as you make it. Good articles, well-written and researched that speak to the wants/needs of the audience naturally rise to the top. As your popularity grows, make sure you have a blogsite (or at the very least a Facebook Fan Page) where you can direct followers. On your site you need to offer something (e.g., a free chapter, newsletter, blogcast) that will enable you to legitimately exchange your writing for a reader’s name/email so you can start building a list of followers.

Here’s what Delaine offers:

  • A writer gets a byline and writer’s credit at the end of each article, including a link to her site or social networking page and a photo
  • Exposure to our readership of 100,000 plus
  • Popular content is further promoted in our flash panels and landing pages
  • Possibility of becoming a regular contributor to our e-magazine on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


DWO accepts both queries and completed articles. If you choose to query them, please keep it under a page and include a paragraph about yourself. If your article is finished, please draft in the following format:

Article Title:

Meta Keywords (if unknown leave blank):

Article Body: Your article must be written with unbiased views and in a non-advertorial style, which shouldn’t be a problem for our WomensMemoirs.com audience. Similarly, your work is a legitimate article…not a press release. Keep the length to between 450 and 600 words.

Author Bio (50 to 100 words) and links to your website:

Author Photo, if desired (jpg or gif format):

All submissions and queries should be sent to DWO Submissions. Click here for the email link.

All submissions will be considered. If your article makes it to publication on DivorcedWomenOnline.com, you will receive an email with the publication date.

Good luck. DWO looks to be a great opportunity for writers looking to build recognition, online presence and a platform among women readers.

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Kathy Matthews October 10, 2010 at


Thank you for this post. I had just finished writing a story about the birthday right after my second divorce, and have now submitted it to Divorced Women Online.

Keep up the great work!


Carol Kunnerup October 11, 2010 at

This is nice timing. I took your Writing Alchemy class this past summer and wrote a story that still needs polishing up, but just may work.

Matilda Butler October 11, 2010 at

Carol: Kendra and I remember you and your writing well. Yes, please do finish work on your story and submit it. Glad to hear from you again.

Kendra Bonnett October 12, 2010 at

Kathy, Carol, So glad you’re going to take advantage of this opportunity. Good luck. We hope to see your writing over on DWO.

Walker October 17, 2010 at

Thanks for sharing this, it’s nice to know where opportunities are. I love the information about how she’s building her platform as well.

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