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Melissa Flynn October 30, 2012 at

You have a lot of useful information. Thank you.


Matilda Butler October 31, 2012 at

Hi Melissa: Thanks for your words. At Women’s Memoirs, we hope to inspire women to tell their stories and to find strength in their lives.

Maria Ruiz January 16, 2013 at

I loved you article on lost socks. I am in the last stages of publishing a children’t book called The Land of You Lost It and We Found It. Lost socks end up there and Karen Beth has many adventures, traveling through the Land of Lost Tempers, Land of Cleaners and Menders and Land of Lost Ways, etc. Currently looking for an agent.

Matilda Butler January 16, 2013 at

Maria: Thanks for your comment. We also love Susie’s take on socks and life in general. Best wishes on finding a great agent who will take you to the next level in your writing life. If you don’t find an agent, you may want to start looking at some of the small independent publishers. They don’t look for agent-represented manuscripts.

mary January 23, 2013 at

To whom or what specific email should Rosie the Riveter stories be sent? I can’t find an email name within that contest’s directions. Also, do you acknowledge receipt of entries?

Matilda Butler January 23, 2013 at

Hi Mary: Send your story to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com And yes, we always acknowledge receipt of entries. — Matilda

mary January 23, 2013 at

Thank you for your quick reply which tells my my Jan. entry went into a black hole since I didn’t hear back. I’ll send it [correctly] right away. And thanks for your Feb extension.

Annette Skarin April 13, 2013 at

I don’t even remember how I came across this site, but I’m thankful I did. I’m writing my memoir at the ripe young age of 63. I need all the support I can get. Thanks for the free info and I hope to be able to take a course some day soon.

Janet Brantley August 16, 2013 at

What a wonderful site! I’d like to know if you plan to repeat the Rosie the Riveter contest next year. My dissertation concerned the defense industry here in the Ark-La-Tex, and I interviewed several women who worked at the local defense plant. They are making appearances in the novel I’m working on at present. I have two women, especially, who were fascinating characters I’d like to showcase them somewhere at the right time. Thanks for the info

Matilda Butler August 16, 2013 at

Hi Janet:

We haven’t decided about next year’s Rosie the Riveter contest. It is on our list right now. We also publish stories of Rosies on our website. Even if our contest isn’t open at a time that you’d like to submit articles based on your interviews with these two women, please do contact us. I am sure we can find a way to feature them. It’s so important to capture these stories.

kay hogan October 15, 2013 at

I just came upon this site and was interested in the memoir contests. However, the dates have already passed and I wondered if there are new contests for the coming year (2014)

Matilda Butler October 16, 2013 at

Hi Kay:

Yes, we are planning a new contest. We will announce it soon. Thanks so much for asking.


Sanrizz December 1, 2014 at

Hello ladies,

I am really happy that I stumbled upon this website. I love it! I am looking forward to reading all of the articles/post on this site. Question… how many memoirs can one person write?

Matilda Butler December 1, 2014 at

Hi Sanrizz:

Tell me more about what you want to write and I’ll be glad to provide additional information. In general, a memoir is like a piece of a pie and an autobiography is like the entire pie. I know of authors who have written three memoirs. I am sure that some have written more. The memoir might focus on a specific timeframe/duration or it might focus on a topic that goes across many years. Fortunately, one of the beauties of memoir is that there are no rules that must be followed.

Carol Fluker December 9, 2014 at

Do you put on workshops and teach memoir classes at seminars or conferences?

Matilda Butler December 9, 2014 at

Hi Carol:

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, I teach workshops at seminars and conferences. Writers’ groups also ask me to teach.

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